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Jesse & Kenda Brunette
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Jesse & Kenda Brunette have been traveling and attending concerts for more than two decades taking pictures of their favorite music artists, festivals, events, travels and more.

We hope you enjoy our photos as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you. However, we do ask that you DO NOT reproduce, display and/or distribute our photos in anyway without first receiving our express written consent ( unless you are the artist/band in the picture of course ). We have worked very hard to bring you some of the finest concert pictures on the web today, please respect our copyrights.

This site contains copyrighted photographic images that are the exclusive property of Jesse & Kenda Brunette/Rockstar Photography and are protected under United States and International copyright laws. The photographic images placed on this site are for viewing purposes only.

Please do not copy, use, store, print, distribute, manipulate or otherwise alter any photographic images found on the following pages without the expressed and written permission of Jesse & Kenda Brunette/Rockstar Photography.

Privacy Information: Rockstar Photography does not share or sell any information that is received on our form and/or e-mail that is used on this site. Please feel free to contact us, please use the email link below.

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